Nicknames (and Happy Birthday, Son)

Nicknames are kind of a thing in my family. Everybody has a nickname, and it’s the only name you go by unless you’re being introduced or things have gotten really serious. My grandfather, in particular, has given every one of his grandchildren a nickname, and it goes through a multitude of versions as time goes on. It occurred to me this morning that I’ve carried on this tradition.

So, in honor of my son’s second birthday, I am sharing all of the nicknames that Jeremy Corbin Lane has taken on during his first two years of life.

Bea Butter (read Bee-uh Butter, given by his sister who had trouble saying “baby brother”)

Bea Bub

Bea Bub Bub

Bea Beebs

Bea Beep Beep


Sonny Boy

Sonny Bea

Sonny Bea Bub

Sonny Bea Bub Bub

Son Beebs


Corbinini (Italian flair)

Corbinita (when his sisters make him wear girly stuff)

JC Lane (when he’s in trouble)

I count 14 nicknames. If the math holds true,  he should have roughly 70 nicknames by the time he’s 10.

Happy Birthday, Son. Daddy loves you.



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3 responses to “Nicknames (and Happy Birthday, Son)

  1. Laura

    That is definitely your best post yet! Loved it, and the pic is priceless!!!

    • Jim Thykeson

      Absolutely beautiful! Jeremy, you’ve so captured the ‘sweet bird of youth’ known as a love story. Your vivid, recantations of yours, or someones ‘paint-book’ of memories is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

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