Last One For A While

I feel like I’ve been talking about this book forever. You probably do too.

The book was written in spurts over about eight months, and changed very little even when it went into editing. One story was changed from first person to third, and an element was added to tie all of the stories together. The things I wrote about were all close to true – some dangerously close, and others buried so deep in fiction that even the people involved would ask, “Is that what I think it is?”

It’s been interesting to learn about the book industry – especially right now as so many things are changing – and I’m proud to see how many people have enjoyed the stories. I made some mistakes in the process, but got really lucky on some things, too (like finding my ridiculously good editor, Ashley Luckett). Cool things are still happening (I know of a couple of college professors adopting the book for their class), but I just feel like most of it is behind me now. I admire the people that write every day, throw most of it away, and keep writing every day. I am not one of those people. The stories were ready to be told and needed to be told all at the same time…like the scrapbook of a period of my life and where I came from. There’s more writing in me, I just have no idea when more stories will be ready. Time will tell.

One last thing…the Audiobook. This might be the thing I’m most proud of. Thanks to the great work of Timmy Coufal, this is an Audiobook that doesn’t feel like a normal Audiobook. It’s unique. I really, really like it.

How to get it:

1) Download the free Audible app

2) Search ‘Author’, then my name

3) Listen and enjoy

By the way, if you’ve never used Audible before, you get your first book for free. No strings attached. I hope you’ll give it a try, and I hope you enjoy it. I hope you leave a review. I hope you tell your friends.

Thank You:

  • To my wife, for her unwavering support
  • To my children, for being so excited to tell people about the book
  • To Ashley Luckett, for being a genius
  • To Timmy Coufal, for being a genius
  • To the large number of reviewers who took the time to read and review my book
  • To everyone who spent their hard earned money to buy a copy, and to those that will in the future

Here’s to good things, and a second book one of these days.








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