Books and Music and Something Free

I spent the majority of yesterday recording the audio version of While I’m Still Myself with musician and audio producer Timmy Coufal.

I don’t mean to complain – there are plenty of people out there working much harder than I do – but I was surprisingly exhausted from 6 hours of sitting and reading into a microphone. I have a new respect for musicians who probably spend 10x that much time recording their albums, and for the producers who then spend countless hours fixing it all.

Speaking of music…

After the recording was done, I began asking Timmy about some of the bands he produces, his own music, and music in general. It was interesting to hear a musician talking about what he “needs” out of music; what he needs it to do for him. What it’s supposed to feel like when it’s right. It was all the same things that a writer says about literature, which I think I knew already, but was glad to be reminded of it. If we’d had a painter in the room, they probably would have been nodding in agreement. There’s something universal about “art” and how people attach to it, though the mediums and styles and everything else are completely subjective and unique to each person. I thought about it a lot on the way home.

It also made me think about my children, and how I suffer a little bit from the normal parent thing: I want my children to get good grades, go to college, get stable, high-paying jobs, and live comfortable lives. I really do want those things. At the same time, though, I’m watching my daughter write stories and my other daughter draw really great pictures and my son snap the strings on a guitar and listen to the sound of it, and I catch myself hoping that something sticks with one of them.


Timmy is working as you read this on correcting my 112 errors from the recording yesterday (he tells me that’s not bad, which I choose to believe) and at some point we’ll have an audio book ready. Timmy and I recorded one story as a test several months back, and I will be giving away this audio story for free all the way up until the release of the the full book. I love how the story turned out, and it will give you a taste of the full work. Just comment on this post, or contact me through any other method and I’ll get you a file that you can load up on iTunes or whatever music service you use.

Last thing: If you or someone you know needs audio production, you can’t do better than Timmy Coufal. He’s selective, so make sure you’re ready, but if he takes on your project you’re getting the best.


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