New Beginnings

I love writing, particularly fiction, that forces me to think about something I don’t like thinking about. I’ve been accused of doing this with my own writing and I take it as a compliment. The best books are the ones that make you think, without exception.

For this reason, I want to make a strong recommendation for my friend Rebecca Emin’s new work, entitled “New Beginnings”, about a young girl who encounters bullying while attempting to find her place at a new school.

Rebecca’s accounts of bullying never make you cringe, and she escalates the situation at just the right pace, but the problem sits in front of you and forces you to consider how best to handle the reality of this epidemic that plagues our childen today.

This is a fantastic read for any child 8-14, and even better if the parent and child both read it and have a conversation about the material.

Learn more about Rebecca at her website, and grab your copy of “New Beginnings” at Amazon or wherever you buy books.



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6 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Sandie Riddle

    I would love to buy this book is it at book stores

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely write-up of my book, Jeremy.

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