The Process – Month 2

So, it’s time for Conceptual Editing. Here’s what’s happening in July:

“Here’s how the editing phase will work:

July 1 – July 29 – I will edit the entire manuscript, watching for things such as grammar, flow, consistency, etc.

July 29 – I will send you the edited manuscript, which will have problem areas and my suggestions highlighted. You will look through those (I’ll explain this in more detail at that time) and make changes in a different font.

August 15 – You’ll return the manuscript to me and I will review the changes made and “combine” our edits.

August 31 – I will return the manuscript (the final draft) to you for a final read through.

September 15 – Any changes you wish to make to the final draft must be submitted to me by this date. Again, I’ll explain more as each step approaches. ”

In other news, it’s hot. Please send rain down here to the great state. Below is a picture of my backyard. Seriously.


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